Adding Character to the Bear Trap

Posted by Sharon

The fixtures are in!  Last week, the crew put in the lights and fans, both inside and out.  They also put in the toilets and sinks in the bathrooms.  Having the lights and fans up add a lot of character!

Lights in the lobby Marva and Sharon's Office

Staff Lounge Downstairs Bathroom Entrance to Bathroom

Hayne and Phil in front of the Bear Trap Hayne and Phil are being crazy as usual!  Hayne and his family live in Black Mountain and help us out with the videos during the summer.  He also does odd jobs around camp during the year.

The construction crew has a few more little things to finish and then they will be able to put in the hardwood floors!  Hopefully within the next week or two!  We’ll keep you posted!

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8 thoughts on “Adding Character to the Bear Trap”

  1. We are going to use the same bell as in the past and it will be on one of the porches of the Bear Trap. Don’t worry, we couldn’t get rid of the bell!

  2. You bet they are! Of course the 2-square court on the old Bear Trap is gone, but the courts that were on the road are still there.

  3. Well change is always good! I am siked to go check it out! Why is the bear trap so big? What is going into it? The Kitchen Boys???? 🙂

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