Demolition of Bear Trap

Posted by Sharon

It’s time to step away from the cabin construction and inform you of more “groundbreaking news”.  This may be sad news to some of you, but it’s all going to look great in the end!  Around 10AM Thursday morning, a crew of workers started clearing land for the new Bear Trap.  We took several pictures and video footage to let you see what we experienced that morning.

There are 7 short video clips you can watch.  We suggest watching all starting at #1 because it is a progression.  Demolition #1 Demolition #2 Demolition #3 Demolition #4 Demolition #5 Demolition #6 Demolition #7

They almost have all of the dirt taken away so they can mark where the footers will be.  The construction crew is not wasting any time with this project either.  They are working hard in this cold weather!

Check back soon because we’re hoping to have another blog posted before Thanksgiving.  If not, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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6 thoughts on “Demolition of Bear Trap”

  1. Awwwww… I grew up with the Bear Trap It’ll be sad to see it gone next year. But hopefully these changes will work well!

  2. I know that progress is necessary to bring in the new generation of Crestridgers… but it sure does make my heart hurt to see the old comforting sights disappearing. I am sure that the new generation will have the same love and strong ties to the new as we do to the old! How blessed my life has been because of God’s special camp!

  3. I once jumped off the bear trap in anticipation of my next class and ran smack dab into the fender of the camp’s orange work truck. Rumors raced through camp that I had been hit by a truck when alas I was the one who ran into it. I will miss the bear trap and that speacial (ouch) memory.

  4. Don’t you worry Hilary! We did save the bell, the stand that the bell sat on, and the signs for the Bear Trap. All of those will be re-installed onto the new Bear Trap!
    And Cindy, that sounds like a great memory from the Bear Trap!

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