Paving a New Way

Posted by Karah

So much is happening during this off season.  The big things of course are the new cabins, the new Bear Trap building, and the dining hall renovation.  There’s still lots of little things to do before the staff and campers arrive, but now we can cross one more off of our to-do list…paving the road leading up to Chipp/Chick hill!  Check out the pics below.

the paving begins  Marty hard at work  paving complete

Before any of the questions start, we didn’t pave the entire loop, only that first little bit on Chipp/Chick hill that you see in the above pics.  

Now maybe during sock war all you campers who just have to charge down the hill won’t fall and trip as much since the loose gravel won’t be there!

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5 thoughts on “Paving a New Way”

  1. i definitely fell and tripped durring sock war last year running down this hill and scratched my knee up real bad, so i am very excited about this!! 🙂

  2. ive fallen many times on this hill….not fun but dont have to worry about that any more!!! :>

  3. I was a chickasaw last year and all my friends at least tripped once or twice running down to get store!!!!!!! Im glad yall fixed it!!!I cant wait !!!!!!

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