Another Step Closer

Posted by Karah

The New Zipline Tower is complete, which brings us another step closer to being ready for all you campers and staff!  Check out the pics below.

                                     Completed zipline tower 

 View from campfire area View from top of tower

                                    We’re in the home stretch now!

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24 thoughts on “Another Step Closer”

  1. I REally want to do the zip line this year. But I am Afraid of heights. How high is the zip line?

  2. OMG! There is a new zippppp lineeeeeee!! WEEEEEEEEE! 🙂 That is just teriffic because that old was old (hence the name “old”)! I watched all the little Chippewas go down it …. but they had no idea what they were getting themselves into! Now we all can fly down it with NO FEAR! ( wow that was a long comment! :))

  3. haha summer, that was funny, omgoodness i am so psyched! go session 1A! less than a month! what session are you going summer c?

  4. Hi summer !! Its Taylor ! Danielles sister !! omg !!! i cant wait to see camp its changed soo much!! does any one know if if you are a chickasaw then do you share a cabin with all of the chipawas ?? because it said on the video that chip/chick huts! and so..! the cabins look great!! and im soo excited!! this is my third year! and i cant wait to meet more people and see old friends! im going for a month!!

  5. Taylor, if you are a Chickasaw, you will not have to share a cabin with Chippewas. We keep the village cabins separate so you are just with your age group. Glad to hear you are coming for a month. We’ll see you soon!

  6. The cicks and chips do not share cabins I do not think. The chip chick hut is for the village directors

  7. the zipline looks soooo fun!!! thanks so much for reparing it! im going session 1A, so there is like 3 weeks! cant wait to sees yall!

  8. OMg! Taylor! I miss you and Danielle soooo much! I would call yall, but of course, I have my phone taken away! Rachel D, I am actually going to session 2b or which ever one the last session is. Who else is going to be in Choctaw and going to the last session?

  9. Only less then 15 days until session 1A!!! I cant wait!!!! Don’t be afraid of the zipline, I was afraid at first but it was AWESOME!!!!!!

  10. the zipline looks so much better now i cant wait to go on it again im going the first two sessions so well be the first ones to try it out im so excited only 9 days left till i come to camp well bye.

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