Who is coming back on staff this summer?

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Some of you have asked the question, “Who is coming back on staff this summer?”Β  Well, here you go!

Our returning central staff are as follows:

Marva Rawlings, Nancy Cothran, Janie Belue, Debbye Skaggs, Lizzy Peterson, Catherine Green, Kelly Lipscomb, Sarah Knowles, Caroline Knowles, Joe and Jackie Holley, Casey Caldwell, Rachelle Feitig, Becca Taylor, Lyndsay Cogdill, Abby Postma, Brooke Waddle, Nichole Laher, David Marsh, and Mark Vining

Our returning counselors and JETS are as follows:

Jessica Crosby, Emma Robbinson, Ansley Harper, Jennifer Griner, Susan Lesser, Anna Clare Pierce, Caroline Fortson, Tiffany Rozier, Taylor Pierce, Lauren Anderson, and Allison Hedge.

Our new staff (central staff, counselors and JETS) are as follows:

Elizabeth Puckett, Tori Cole, Gerry Touchet, Megan Rentz, Courtney Sloas, Emily Roesch, Melissa Gunter, Clare Berlinsky, Susan McNamara, Keri McGinnis, Liz Hardee, Sarah Owenby, Machelle Wells, Jamie Van Den Berg, Mitzi Farris, Carol Hamrick, Ashley Sutherland, Keaghan Glassmyer, Janel Filbeck, Jessica Williams, Casey Boyd, Robin Clark, Caitlin Weeding, Kristin Wolfe, Paige Skilton, Katie Correll, Dee Dee Dillard, Jordan Calamas, Jenn Debrecht, Becca Kelly, Brandi Anderson, Ragan Story, Chelsie Snow, Leslie Pitman, Jessica Hyman, Meghan Wakeling, Catherine Sheehan, Sarah Henning, Grace Nelson, Andrea Arts, Cathryn Thomas, Alexis Coryell, Mary Jo Sandy, Cassie Curtis, Laura Edwards, Jessica Nutter, Amelia Markham, Anna Harrison and Kevin Graybeal.

Many of our nurses and office staff are returning as well.

We are so excited for you all to get here!Β  Only a few more weeks till the first session!

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43 thoughts on “Who is coming back on staff this summer?”

  1. thanks so much for sharing this! i soooo wanted to know! less than a month until i come at session 1A!!!! cant wait to see ya’ll!

  2. Just Over 3 more weeks can not wait. Thanks for sharing to bad my counselours last year are not coming back……

  3. this has like, nothing to do with the post, but if we ship our trunks ahead of time, how long will it take it to get to yall? im shipping it from florida, btw. thanks so much! cant wait to see you guys at session 1A!!!!

  4. OMG! Ansley! OMG! Tiffany! OMG! Everyone! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to come to camp! It’s my absolute favorite place on the planet! (no lie!) I just want to shout I am so happy to come! WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)!

  5. hey guys, could you which counselors will be in each village? or is that not decided?
    thanks so much! see yall at camp!

  6. omg i cant wait to come to camp this year and cant wait to meet all the new counselors i wounder whos in cheyens village ahhh only 15 days till camp i love it there well see yall in 15 days.!!!

  7. This has nothing to do with the post but i am staying four weeks. And I am staying over session break. I was curious of what kind of things you do over session break. If you could tell me that would be great Can not wait!

  8. hey Grace B. im ashley and im stayin 4 weeks also wat village r u in and which session and i really dont know wat they do but im stayin the first two sessions well see ya in 15 days WOOO HOOO!!!

  9. Hi ashley r I am going to be a cheyanne what are you going to be? It would be awesome if we were in the same cabin!!!!!!

  10. Well, they counselors don’t know what cabin they are in yet. They will find out during their staff training week.

  11. hey grace b im goin to be the same thing u r and yeah that would be awsome we would already sorrd of know each other wen we get there.

  12. HEY Rachel i hve a friend name rachel any ways im goin to be a cheyanne.yah anne clarie is comin back im so exited.sowat about u wat village r u in.well see u in 13 days.

  13. I cant wait till camp but im going the 3rd session(2a)! I am sooo excited! cant wait to see everyone fro last year! yeah I love camp sooo much!

  14. i cant believe staff is here already! last time i checked it was march, and i was wondering if this week was ever gonna get here! i cant wait until session 1A!! see ya’ll in 4 days!:)


  16. omgosh!!! i have been in anna claires cabin for the past 2 years!!! i cant wait to see you again!!! what village are you in???? us florida girls like me, sophie, amber, and hayley will be choctaws!!!! camp is like ONE WEEK AWAY!!!! i cant believe it:)))))))) ahhhhhh!!! so exciting!!!! and whoever reads this tell anna claire hay from mackenzie bowlin!!!!

  17. o my goodness yall are so lucky you only have like a few days or weeks and i have to wait like 36 more days!! so lucky!!! OMGC love you chandler glover!!

  18. i cant view the pictures from last year because of the code do i have to wait until regestration? or is there a code we can view for now?

  19. hey i cant wait till 2a i have been waiting all year!!!!!!!!! btw i shipped my trunk last year and it didnt come till 5 days into camp, will that happen again??? and y are not all counserlers coming back??? I WANT LYANNA TO COME BACK SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!! :(:(:(:(

  20. I hav 15 days til i go to camp!!!! im going session 2a and 2b!!im soooo sad that lauren luceford or jenny cox arent coming back! some1 told me they had summer skol to go to!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  21. i am so sad that kaitlin isnt coming back! last year she was my salt for chippewa six! why isnt she coming back?

  22. Erica,
    I’m not sure why Caitlin is not coming back. They all just graduated from High School, so it could be they needed a break before going to college. She did do a great job!

  23. thanks. i wonder who my counciler is this year. im in chickasaw now so i dont know any of the councilers yet. see you in twelve days!!!!

  24. sharon could u pleasse tell caroline knowles that i said hi and that i am coming the next session and im so happy im going to see her she has been my counciler every year i have gone to camp!

  25. I have 10 days until Camp!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yea!! I can not even say how excited i am! it’s just AMAZING! I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since I was last at camp! I am just really really really really REALLY happy! No! I am estatic! NO! I am the most jubilant person on the face of the Earth thats how excited i am! i have no idea what I would do without Camp Crestridge! Oh, I know. I would watch tv all day. So much that every time i tried to think I would fall asleep. I would rot my mind with Sponge Bob and ICarly…… that would be very sad. But, since we have camp, nothing like that will ever happen to me during the summer an dI will always have a functioning brain… or brian… no, it’s brain! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work crestridgers! πŸ™‚

  26. I am soo excited!!! I have nine days til camp!!!!!!!!!!!!! Summer, what village are u in? i am in chickasaw!

  27. HELLO PEOPLE I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! But I can’t rember the counselor that I wanted to be with!:'( she was in chick five last year and she had a snake that died and then she barried it!do you know who she is and is she coming back!!!?????!!!?????!!!?????!!!??? I so hope she is the best:)

    P.S I think I have 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!

  28. Savanna, the counselor was Leanna Cannafax. Unfortunately she is not returning this summer. We have a great staff though who is here!!

  29. SOOO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please πŸ™‚

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