Returning Staff 2018

Posted by Ashley Genoble

SURPRISE!!! We decided today was a great day to give you a sneak peek of all our returning staff! We are so excited to have each of these lovely ladies back with us this summer! We will be updating the Staff Bio page soon so you can get to know your Summer 2018 staff!

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“I have come to give you life, and life to the FULL.” John 10:10

Posted by Karah

I go to a church in Swannanoa, Valley Hope, and am a part of a small group there. Right now we are going through Ephesians, and every time we meet, we study the chapter for that week and ask ourselves, “What does this say about God? What does this say about me? And what does this say about our community/church?” Last week, we were studying Ephesians 3 and particularly looked at verses 17-19, “…so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to KNOW THE LOVE OF CHRIST THAT SURPASSES KNOWLEDGE, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”

We then discussed the three main questions I mentioned and the woman leading discussion followed up by asking us, “When is the last time you were so overwhelmed by God’s love for you, you just couldn’t believe it?” For the past week I have been thinking about this question. When was that time for me? I mean, if I open my eyes I can see the works of his love all around me constantly – in the good and the tough times. But when was the last time I was overwhelmed by His love for me

I’ve reflected back on times in middle school, high school, and college where the Lord’s love overwhelmed me. I’ve thought of times even in the past 6 months where I can identify His overwhelming love for me. But every time, I keep coming back to my summers at Crestridge. When I was a Cheyenne and found my life-long best friend. When I was a Choctaw going through an identity crisis, my counselor revealed the truth of Christ’s identity and love for me. When I was a Cherokee and was humbled greatly when my fire didn’t light in the Belle Test (Read Luke 10:38-42). When I was a SALT and learne
d how to worship and lead through service… But most of all, being on staff for 3 summers and getting to look girls in the eye who are in the very place I once was and tell them, “You are loved, you are beautiful, and you are worth knowing by your Creator.” I got to atch my amazing staff of 12 counselors love their girls. In all their brokenness, Christ made himself complete and loved their campers through them.

It’s crazy to me that the Creator of the Universe chooses to know us and love us. His love is not based on our works or His need for us. He simply loves us because we are His. Dive into His arms today, and know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. Christ has come to give you life to the full. It’s time for a beautiful adventure


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Posted by Sharon

After Christmas, about 25 Camp Crestridge Staff got together at camp to reminisce about the summer of 2010.  The reunion involved going to Fun Depot, playing in the snow, eating some good food, playing games, laughing, remembering what God did in our lives through camp and remembering all the fun we had with our campers.  It was a great time to be together.  Thanks to all you staff who came!

Visit our Facebook Fan Page to see more pictures!

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A First Look at What’s to Come…

Posted by Karah

Here is a preview of  the off-season contests. We will be uploading a new video at the beginning of every month with an assignment, then you have two weeks to complete the assignment and send your pictures or videos to The off-season crew will then go through your submissions and choose the winners. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit in a month so send as many pictures or videos as you want. Make them funny and creative because the best ones will be put up on the blog! And remember, the winners each month get something from the PRIZE BOX! That can be anything from a free canteen or store to Camp clothes and stickers to gift certificates. So get the creative juices flowing everybody, there’s good stuff coming!

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Your Summer Staff 2010

Posted by Karah

A lot of you have been asking about our Summer Staff lately, so to make things easier here’s a list of those wonderful staffers who are making their way back to Crestridge this upcoming summer:

First off, let’s just start out with the amazing news that all 5 of our Village Directors are returning for another summer!


That’s right Sarah, Catherine, Lizzy, Kelly, and Caroline are all coming back for Round 2!

Here’s the faithful Central Staff who are coming back:

Sharon Aylestock, Marva Rawlings, Nancy Cothran, Janie Belue, Debbye Skaggs, Jackie Holley, Joe Holley, Kathleen Hobbs, Brooke Waddle, Laura Palmer, Beth Ewing, and Abby Postma

We definitely are excited about welcoming back some of your favorite Counselors and Jets:

Liz Hardee, Ragan Story, Chelsie Snow, Amelia Markham, Anna Martin, Megan Rentz, Cassie Curtis, Machelle Wells, Jenn Debrecht, Katelyn Browne, Caroline Vining, Alexis Coryell, Taylor Pierce, Ashley Sutherland, Mitzi Farris, Caroline Fortson, Keaghan Glassmyer, Dee Dee Dillard, Katie Correll, Anna Harrison, Laura Edwards, Becca Kelly, Mary Jo Sandy, Rachel Dokich, Katie Cannington, Lisa Saari, Kierstin Haddock, Emily Lupfer, Emma Small, and Keller Allgood.

Oh boy, I cannot tell you how excited weare to introduce our brand spanking  new staffers to you this year!  Coming to Crestridge as Staff for their very first time will be:

Jenny Watts, Christin Ball, Jacquelyn Breithaupt, Lauren Henry, Laura Leeson, Jessica Scott, Lindsey Steel, Patricia Bosch, Martha Claire Huff, Lindsay Williams, Libby Fleming, Mary Casteen, Sarah McKay, Catherine Dunham, Brittney Burns, Rachel Hall, Lexi Bowen, Megan Grennan, Kimberly Jones, Joan Steiger, Sarah Senter, Erin Brehmer, Emily O’Loane, Hillary Modlin and Kaitlyn Nordin!

Get excited about this amazing group of staff!!

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Samford Staffers Sing for You

Posted by Karah

This past week I was able to travel throughout Mississippi and Alabama in order to recruit some amazing college students to serve on staff for the upcoming summer.  I made stops at Auburn University, Mississippi College, Mississippi State, Samford University, and the University of North Alabama.  Not only did I get to meet some really great people who were interested in camp, but I was also able to reunite and visit with some of our staff from previous summers.  While at Samford we decided to celebrate the time together by enjoying 2 of Crestridge’s favorite pastimes: eating ice cream and singing camp songs while standing on chairs.  Lauren Lunceford, Leanna Cannafax, Brooke Crutchfield, Laura Edwards, Keaghan Glassmyer, Jenn Debrecht, and Taylor Pierce show their Crestridge pride as they sing Kitty Kitty Kitty for all of you.

Join in the fun at home by sharing your favorite camp song with your friends and family in true Crestridge fashion!

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Who is coming back on staff this summer?

Posted by Sharon

Some of you have asked the question, “Who is coming back on staff this summer?”  Well, here you go!

Our returning central staff are as follows:

Marva Rawlings, Nancy Cothran, Janie Belue, Debbye Skaggs, Lizzy Peterson, Catherine Green, Kelly Lipscomb, Sarah Knowles, Caroline Knowles, Joe and Jackie Holley, Casey Caldwell, Rachelle Feitig, Becca Taylor, Lyndsay Cogdill, Abby Postma, Brooke Waddle, Nichole Laher, David Marsh, and Mark Vining

Our returning counselors and JETS are as follows:

Jessica Crosby, Emma Robbinson, Ansley Harper, Jennifer Griner, Susan Lesser, Anna Clare Pierce, Caroline Fortson, Tiffany Rozier, Taylor Pierce, Lauren Anderson, and Allison Hedge.

Our new staff (central staff, counselors and JETS) are as follows:

Elizabeth Puckett, Tori Cole, Gerry Touchet, Megan Rentz, Courtney Sloas, Emily Roesch, Melissa Gunter, Clare Berlinsky, Susan McNamara, Keri McGinnis, Liz Hardee, Sarah Owenby, Machelle Wells, Jamie Van Den Berg, Mitzi Farris, Carol Hamrick, Ashley Sutherland, Keaghan Glassmyer, Janel Filbeck, Jessica Williams, Casey Boyd, Robin Clark, Caitlin Weeding, Kristin Wolfe, Paige Skilton, Katie Correll, Dee Dee Dillard, Jordan Calamas, Jenn Debrecht, Becca Kelly, Brandi Anderson, Ragan Story, Chelsie Snow, Leslie Pitman, Jessica Hyman, Meghan Wakeling, Catherine Sheehan, Sarah Henning, Grace Nelson, Andrea Arts, Cathryn Thomas, Alexis Coryell, Mary Jo Sandy, Cassie Curtis, Laura Edwards, Jessica Nutter, Amelia Markham, Anna Harrison and Kevin Graybeal.

Many of our nurses and office staff are returning as well.

We are so excited for you all to get here!  Only a few more weeks till the first session!

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