Summer Staff Bios Are Up!

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As camp is approaching, we are getting so excited to see our team of staff come together, and we know you all are excited to meet them. We have put together Staff Bios so that you can learn a little bit about each of the summer staffers, and we would love for you all to check them out! Go to to “meet” the latest staff!

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Your Summer Staff 2010

Posted by Karah

A lot of you have been asking about our Summer Staff lately, so to make things easier here’s a list of those wonderful staffers who are making their way back to Crestridge this upcoming summer:

First off, let’s just start out with the amazing news that all 5 of our Village Directors are returning for another summer!


That’s right Sarah, Catherine, Lizzy, Kelly, and Caroline are all coming back for Round 2!

Here’s the faithful Central Staff who are coming back:

Sharon Aylestock, Marva Rawlings, Nancy Cothran, Janie Belue, Debbye Skaggs, Jackie Holley, Joe Holley, Kathleen Hobbs, Brooke Waddle, Laura Palmer, Beth Ewing, and Abby Postma

We definitely are excited about welcoming back some of your favorite Counselors and Jets:

Liz Hardee, Ragan Story, Chelsie Snow, Amelia Markham, Anna Martin, Megan Rentz, Cassie Curtis, Machelle Wells, Jenn Debrecht, Katelyn Browne, Caroline Vining, Alexis Coryell, Taylor Pierce, Ashley Sutherland, Mitzi Farris, Caroline Fortson, Keaghan Glassmyer, Dee Dee Dillard, Katie Correll, Anna Harrison, Laura Edwards, Becca Kelly, Mary Jo Sandy, Rachel Dokich, Katie Cannington, Lisa Saari, Kierstin Haddock, Emily Lupfer, Emma Small, and Keller Allgood.

Oh boy, I cannot tell you how excited weare to introduce our brand spanking  new staffers to you this year!  Coming to Crestridge as Staff for their very first time will be:

Jenny Watts, Christin Ball, Jacquelyn Breithaupt, Lauren Henry, Laura Leeson, Jessica Scott, Lindsey Steel, Patricia Bosch, Martha Claire Huff, Lindsay Williams, Libby Fleming, Mary Casteen, Sarah McKay, Catherine Dunham, Brittney Burns, Rachel Hall, Lexi Bowen, Megan Grennan, Kimberly Jones, Joan Steiger, Sarah Senter, Erin Brehmer, Emily O’Loane, Hillary Modlin and Kaitlyn Nordin!

Get excited about this amazing group of staff!!

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