A First Look at What’s to Come…

Posted by Karah

Here is a preview of  the off-season contests. We will be uploading a new video at the beginning of every month with an assignment, then you have two weeks to complete the assignment and send your pictures or videos to rhbarnhardt@gmail.com. The off-season crew will then go through your submissions and choose the winners. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit in a month so send as many pictures or videos as you want. Make them funny and creative because the best ones will be put up on the blog! And remember, the winners each month get something from the PRIZE BOX! That can be anything from a free canteen or store to Camp clothes and stickers to gift certificates. So get the creative juices flowing everybody, there’s good stuff coming!

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3 thoughts on “A First Look at What’s to Come…”

  1. *SMILES*
    Great job winter staff. Just saw this and it made me laugh! Have a Pixie Stix and think of me. Sharon will understand! =)

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