January Secret Assignment Winner

Posted by Karah

It has been busy the past month here at camp! Camp conferences, traveling and recruiting new staff, designing and choosing new camp attire…there’s tons of exciting camp preparations going on. In the midst of it all, we  loved watching your video entries for the January secret assignment. We asked you gals to submit videos of you and random friends singing your favorite song or cheer in a public place. The decision has been made, and we picked our winner.

The Knowles and the Myers bring  Crestridge pride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, shouting ” Pride of the South” for all to hear! They sound great!

Some very honorable mentions are Kierstin Haddock also singing “Pride of the South ” with two very awesome guys from her campus ministry. Way to step up dudes and represent the ladies with no shame.

We have enjoyed doing all the secret assignments the past few months, and really liked getting to see all of you bring camp into your everyday lives! As  it gets closer and closer to summer (it’s already about March! Can you believe it?)..we will have new and fun videos  and information to give you to get you pumped and ready for camp! It’s getting closer, so get excited!

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The First Secret Assignment of the New Year!

Posted by Karah

So we were thinking about what the secret assignment should be for this month and realized that the parts of camp we miss the most right now are the cheers and songs! With that in mind, we want you to go out into the world and share your camp spirit. This month, the winners will be the people who can send us pictures and videos of themselves doing a song or cheer in a public place. We chose the Biltmore Estate, where will you go? Submissions are due on Friday, January 28th. As usual, all submissions can be sent to Hunter Barnhardt at rhbarnhardt@gmail.com. Good luck and have fun!

The First Secret Assignment of the New Year! from Ridgecrest Summer Camps on Vimeo.

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December’s Assignment Winner

Posted by Karah

As snow falls here at camp, we can’t help but try and hold on to Christmas just a tad bit longer. In our last attempt to enjoy some holiday festivities from this past year, we will share December’s Secret Assignment winner with you.

Ragan Story and her hall of friends at Liberty University sport their Sock War bands, while looking fierce in Ninja attire. Way to go, ladies!

Make sure to check back regularly for our weekly devotions and for January’s Secret Assignment.  Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from the Camps

Posted by Karah

We know that every family has their own set of traditions, so we wanted to share some camp Christmas traditions. Most of you know all about our summer traditions, but what if camp had traditions in the off-season? You are being shown a never-before-seen look into our reading of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. We would enjoy hearing what some of your family traditions are. You can share them by commenting here, or you can write on our facebook wall (http://www.facebook.com/CampCrestridge ). From all of us here at camp, have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Camps from Ridgecrest Summer Camps on Vimeo.

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December’s Secret Assignment

Posted by Karah

It’s that time again! That’s right folks, December’s Secret Assignment is here and we have made things a bit more challenging than they have been in the past. This month, your picture must be taken with a NON-CAMP person. No family members allowed, but other than that, go crazy. Get famous people or your friends who don’t come to camp but should. Either way, keep up the creativity. Submissions are due Thursday, December 15th. As usual, send your pictures to RHBARNHARDT@GMAIL.COM. Have fun and good luck!

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Ron Wants You to Wear Your Honor Band…

Posted by Karah

Follow everyone’s favorite camp director as he goes about his daily life here at camp. Ron even takes time out of his busy schedule to explain November’s assignment. This month we make things a bit more challenging. Ron wants you all to take a picture holding your council ring sign or wearing your honor band. Feel free to get creative with your pictures. Take them in public places or surrounded by your best friends. The winners this month will be the people who complete the assignment in the craziest place. The prize will be something from our grab bag (water bottles, sweatshirts, sweatpants,etc.) as well as the customary free canteen/store delivered to your door. As always, submissions are due MONDAY THE 15th. Submissions can be sent to RHBARNHARDT@GMAIL.COM. Good luck!

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A First Look at What’s to Come…

Posted by Karah

Here is a preview of  the off-season contests. We will be uploading a new video at the beginning of every month with an assignment, then you have two weeks to complete the assignment and send your pictures or videos to rhbarnhardt@gmail.com. The off-season crew will then go through your submissions and choose the winners. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit in a month so send as many pictures or videos as you want. Make them funny and creative because the best ones will be put up on the blog! And remember, the winners each month get something from the PRIZE BOX! That can be anything from a free canteen or store to Camp clothes and stickers to gift certificates. So get the creative juices flowing everybody, there’s good stuff coming!

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