January Secret Assignment Winner

Posted by Karah

It has been busy the past month here at camp! Camp conferences, traveling and recruiting new staff, designing and choosing new camp attire…there’s tons of exciting camp preparations going on. In the midst of it all, we  loved watching your video entries for the January secret assignment. We asked you gals to submit videos of you and random friends singing your favorite song or cheer in a public place. The decision has been made, and we picked our winner.

The Knowles and the Myers bring  Crestridge pride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, shouting ” Pride of the South” for all to hear! They sound great!

Some very honorable mentions are Kierstin Haddock also singing “Pride of the South ” with two very awesome guys from her campus ministry. Way to step up dudes and represent the ladies with no shame.

We have enjoyed doing all the secret assignments the past few months, and really liked getting to see all of you bring camp into your everyday lives! As  it gets closer and closer to summer (it’s already about March! Can you believe it?)..we will have new and fun videos  and information to give you to get you pumped and ready for camp! It’s getting closer, so get excited!

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8 thoughts on “January Secret Assignment Winner”

  1. Nice Sarah…..nice…..haha! when you were at disney you should have told me!! haha I live reallyl close to there!!!! Miss you so much sarah!!!!!!

  2. no way! haha…im sad i missed your coming to disney!! hahaha…do you still have the picture that i drew you? the black and white design thing?

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