December’s Secret Assignment

Posted by Karah

It’s that time again! That’s right folks, December’s Secret Assignment is here and we have made things a bit more challenging than they have been in the past. This month, your picture must be taken with a NON-CAMP person. No family members allowed, but other than that, go crazy. Get famous people or your friends who don’t come to camp but should. Either way, keep up the creativity. Submissions are due Thursday, December 15th. As usual, send your pictures to RHBARNHARDT@GMAIL.COM. Have fun and good luck!

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4 thoughts on “December’s Secret Assignment”

  1. my church recently went on a fall retreat and during the trip we needed an activity so me and my brother sugguested sock war once everyone understood the rules they had a blast… it was great showing my youth group the fun activities we learn from camp 🙂

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