Let God lead. He knows what He’s doing.

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Do you ever feel like God could never use you? What characteristics do you think God looks for in those who serve Him? Do you know of any examples in the Bible or history of unlikely men and women whom God used greatly? Name a few.

Read 2 Samuel 7:8-11a, focusing on verse 9.

What about David’s past made him an unlikely hero? (Hint: notice his former job!)

What do these verses tell us about David’s accomplishments and success?

Why should this have kept David humble?

How have you seen God’s hand in your own life?

Do you acknowledge that everything good in your life is due to God’s power and mercy? Why or why not?

David needed to be reminded that he was not ultimately the one doing great things for God. God is the One who had done great things for him, like raising him up from being a poor, unknown shepherd to the greatest king in Israel’s history. Today’s passage should encourage all believers to be grateful. Like David, we cannot take credit for any good that we have done. Our victories and achievements are gifts from the Lord. Whatever we accomplish is due to God’s power working through us. God is very active in our lives. God wants to direct your life and display His glory through it. Let God’s Word remind you daily that your success is the Lord’s work. It’s not about your plans or what you can do. It’s about what He can do. Let Him have control!

“I have been with you wherever you have gone, and I have destroyed all your enemies before you. I will make a name for you like that of the greatest in the land.” —2 Samuel 7:9

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