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God’s plans are often different from ours. Let that sink in. God’s plans are often different from yours.

Are you content when others are given credit and you are forgotten? As Christians, we should be content for God to fulfill His plans however He sees fit. Are you willing to rest in God’s wisdom, power, and faithfulness?

Don’t miss verse 16 as you read 2 Samuel 7:11b-16.

What does it mean that God will build a house for David?

Who was David’s son? (Solomon)

Who was the future Son of David who would ultimately reign over God’s people forever? (The Old Testament tells us that God was faithful to His promise in the reign of Solomon and ultimately in Jesus who will reign forever and ever. See Rev. 5:13.)

God invited David to stay focused on the tasks He had called him to do and not to focus on what others were doing. Is that advice you need to hear? Why?

Although David experienced great victories in his reign as king, God had determined David’s son, Solomon, would actually build the temple. It’s easy to look at all the people around you doing great things for God and start comparing. That’s not what He asks of us. God has specific tasks for you to do. Focus on them, be obedient to do what God calls you to do and go where He leads you to go. God’s plans include you—and those who follow you. Focus on the things God calls you to do and be obedient. Your obedience will have a lasting effect.

“Your house and kingdom will endure before Me forever, and your throne will be established forever.” —2 Samuel 7:16

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