Off Season=Construction

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New CabinThis is our second year to do major construction at Crestridge.  During the off season, our goal is to renovate the existing cabins.  What a huge and exciting project!  Starting within the next couple weeks, there will be a construction crew coming in to clear some land behind the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins so they can extend the cabins.  Then for every cabin they will replace all the floors, then the roofs, then onto moving the bathrooms, then building new decks and more.  Eventually, all the existing cabins will look like the new ones we had this past summer.  The cool thing is that we are not tearing the walls down but building around them.  Unfortunately you will not be able to sign on the new walls, but the heart of the cabin will remain. We will be sure to post videos and pictures of the construction to show you the progress.

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5 thoughts on “Off Season=Construction”

  1. The great thing about the new cabins is the railing. Because your two-square balls do not fall of as easily! See yall next summer!

  2. what is everyone gonna be for halloween??? idk wat im gonna b!!any ideas??? any ideas 4 two ppl??me and my friend wanna b somthing 2gether!!

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