Such a blessing

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I was walking through Crestridge this morning and this whole project started becoming more real to me.  My thought process went like this, “Wow, I can’t believe we are getting all of our cabins re-done in one year.  That’s 20 cabins.  20 cabins is a lot to do in 5 months.  That’s also a lot of money.  Man, that really is a lot of money.  It’s amazing how far Crestridge has come since 1955.  God, it’s because of You and for You.  You provided the money, the people, the contractors, the ideas, the materials.  It’s all because of You!  Wow, this is SUCH a blessing!”

I love moments like those, when things become so real to you.  It gives us a whole new appreciation for the way God works!

Well, here is an update on the construction.  They have officially taken off every old roof and removed all bathroom facilities!  They are now on to Cheyenne Hill, where they are putting on the new roofs and building the extensions.  Then they’ll move to Choctaw Hill and be finished with the Demo phase.  Another crew has put metal roofs on all Chippewa, Chickasaw and Cherokee cabins.  They have also been working on the plumbing and electrical work on Chip/Chick Hill.  The new floor has been added to Chippewa 1 and it looks great!

Cheyenne 10 Back of Cheyenne 10 Cheyenne 12

Cherokee Hill Chippewa 1 Floor Chippewa 1 Shower Floor

Please continue to pray for the construction that’s going on.  It’s a huge task, but the construction workers are doing a great job!

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  1. WOW. They are working fast! Here’s an idea… you could install bubble-gum machines in the Cheyenne cabins! We’ll thank you!

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