Do you want to get a free store…in the middle of the year?

Posted by Sharon

That’s right, you can win a free store which will be delivered right to your house!  Each month we are going to have a drawing for a free store.  All you have to do is comment on one of our blogs.  It could be any blog, even our very first one!  We’ll put your name in a hat and at the end of the month draw a winner.  If you are chosen, we’ll contact you, take your order, get it from the store and mail it to you!

We will do a drawing each month, so you’ll have to comment each month if you’d like to stay in the drawing.  We’ll go all the way until camp starts, so you have 7 chances to win!

Candy Tamara

Although you won’t be getting the candy that’s in that glass case, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as Tamora is in this picture!

So start commenting for your chance to win a free store!

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11 thoughts on “Do you want to get a free store…in the middle of the year?”

  1. getting free store would be amazing!!! It would bring back good memories from camp!! Aww camp!! I miss u!!! Cant wait til next summer!! 2a!!! Cant wait to come back!!!

  2. Thats a great idea!!! Can’t wait for real store this summer!!!!!! 4th session Cheyenne this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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