Some “Office” Fun

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Before I get into the “office” fun, Phil and I had the opportunity to go out to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for a couple days to take care of camp business.  While we were out there, we got to have dinner with Abby Postma.  Abby has been our Videographer for the past 3 summers and also our Intern last year.  It was so great to catch up with her and hear what she’s been up to since camp ended.  We are praying she’ll be able to return again this summer!

Phil, Sharon, Abby

Despite what some of you may think, we have a lot of work to do throughout the year to get ready for the summer.  Most of the time we are very busy, but we do take advantage of the amusing things here in the office.  Each day, we have at least two dogs in the office, Boone (Phil Berry’s dog) and OJ (Sharon’s dog).  Some days, we have an extra visitor, Ezra (Chris Maslin’s dog).  We had a few extra sunglasses lying around and wondered what they would like with them on.

OJ-1 OJ-2 Ezra, Boone, and OJ

Oh the things we will do for a good laugh!

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10 thoughts on “Some “Office” Fun”

  1. && SHARON.. i met your brother at church last week & talked to Crosby for a while && i was overwhelmed w/ thoughts of Crestridge:)

  2. Well OJ can’t wait to see you all this summer! He’s getting lonely with no one here. Mika, Nathan told me he met you! How crazy!

  3. man you shouldve came to my house!! i live in the dallas/ft worth area(: Cant wait til camp!!!(:

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