Love Isn’t Just A Feeling

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Lake Side Chapel - Camp RidgecrestI LOVE THAT SONG, DON’T YOU? “I love this ice cream.” “I love to play basketball at this gym.” “I love playing Sock War.” “I love my counselor.” Love. We throw the word around all the time. It can have a casual meaning or a heavy-duty one. “Because I love my country, I will serve wherever I am needed.” “I loved my grandmother; I really miss her.” “I will never love another girl/guy like that.”

So with all this talk of love, what does it mean when we say we love God?

Read Mark 12:28-31. Memorize verses 30 and 31a, if you haven’t already.

What does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart?

How is it possible to love the Lord with all your mind? Will this affect your thinking?

If you love God with all your strength, what kind of commitment are you making?
According to God’s point of view, whom are we required to love?
Do you ever have trouble loving yourself?

Mark 12:30 states that we must love God. We understand that, but HOW we love God is the key. We must love God with our hearts—all our feelings and emotions. It’s clear from these verses that Jesus is asking us to let God be in charge of everything in our lives. Do we love God enough to let Him be in charge of our mind, attitudes, choices, and whom we allow to influence our thinking? When we give God our strength, we allow Him to direct how we spend our time and energy.

Jesus also challenges us to love others, making their needs as important as our personal desires. A loving relationship with God must be our first priority. We can have a meaningful life when we love God and love others.

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