Lake Ridgecrest to the Rescue!!

Posted by Karah

You will not believe what happened yesterday.  A couple of forest fires were started around the area and needed some water to help put them out, well of course Ridgecrest was there to help!  The firefighter helicopters came and dipped water out of Lake Ridgecrest to dump on the fire.  (Don’t worry we are saving enough for camp, the blobs are fine)  Here is a video of the coolness that was the day at Camp Ridgecrest.  Narrated by none other than me, Seth Ladd.   Hope you enjoy.

So that is what a normal day is like when you guys aren’t here, ok just kidding, this is NOT normal!!

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16 thoughts on “Lake Ridgecrest to the Rescue!!”

  1. O my jelly to the land of peanut butter!!!!!! That is Scary did any of the cabins get burnt down????????????? Is everyone ok?????????

  2. Haha that wouldbe a GREAT sockwar!!!! For the skit the counslers could be firemen ….do this as a theme for the girls 3rd session!!!!!!

  3. That was pretty cool! Good thing camp was there!
    And that would be a nifty sock war idea! I would want to be the fire or the helicopter team! 🙂

  4. that was kinda weird i know how you guys feel. Scared and wondering. Hey did any body get hurt and was the fire at camp or by the camp cause if it was at the camp did anything get burned

  5. Wow that clip was very excited but a little scary!! How did the fire start? did anything or anyone get burned or hurt?!?!

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