It’s time for 2-Square

Posted by Sharon

About a month ago, the 2-square court was free of snow and calling our names.  We took a break and went outside to play and get warmed up so we can take you on this summer!  Here’s a look at the first 2-square game of 2010!

Can’t wait for you all to get here and play 2 and 4-square with us!

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11 thoughts on “It’s time for 2-Square”

  1. 9 Square is where its at! would it be possible to put down a 9 square court somewhere at camp? bc it is seriously my favorite game ever!

  2. i luvvvvvvv 2 square a couple days ago me and my friends were playing three square in my driveway until my friend accidently popped the ball we were playing with.

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