God Really Does Look at The Heart

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Cookout at Camp RidgecrestYOU’RE LOOKING AT YOUR WATCH. The speaker in the school assembly is going on and on. Somehow, you feel like the speaker just loves to hear himself talk. It reminds you of the last concert you attended. The outfit the singer wore was so weird! It’s obvious when someone wants to be the center of attention. Does this ever happen at church? Or what about Camp?

Read Mark 12:38-40. Pay attention to verse 40.

Why did Jesus warn against scribes in the marketplace?

Is it wrong for religious leaders to seek recognition? Explain.

What did Jesus mean when He said that scribes “devour widows’ houses”?

What do these verses teach you about God’s attitude toward our motives?

When have you found yourself doing something good, even something godly, but your actions were fueled by a desire for recognition?

Why is that kind of worship, love, or service not what God wants?

If you have grown up in church, you may remember being in awe when you listened to long prayers or heard solos ending in high notes. When does public recognition overshadow a heart for worship? Jesus warned us about those who are only involved in religious practices to garner the praise of others. There will be judgment for that kind of motive.
What about you? Do you attend worship because you love God or because you want to meet the expectations of others? If your friends didn’t attend Bible study, would you still be involved? We will grow in our faith when we desire a deeper relationship with God. Take time to examine your motivation, and spend time in prayer. God will meet you there.

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