Oh, Wise One

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Mountians around CampYOU CAN’T BELIEVE your friend talked to you like that. It would be easy to call him or her unreasonable, demanding, and selfish. Maybe it was over a game of 4 square, or even a disagreement during cabin clean-up. You didn’t do anything wrong, and you don’t want your friend to get the last word. You could also do the opposite and apologize. But if you do that, are you backing down, giving in, and letting him or her win? Why should you do that? How would you handle this situation?

Read James 3:13-18. Study verse 17.

What are the characteristics of wisdom from above?

What are the good fruits of wisdom?

How do we develop godly wisdom?

Are there times when we shouldn’t comply or show mercy?

Is it possible to avoid favoritism in all situations?

How do you define wisdom? Some would say that if you make a lot of money you must be wise. Others would say that if you are in a powerful position in government, you are probably very wise. Few people look at how others achieve success. They only see the end result.

In James we learn about another kind of wisdom—godly wisdom. People with this kind of wisdom are known for being peaceful, merciful, and treating everyone with respect. They always put others first. They’re known for their gentleness, and their lives are orderly and full of good, godly things, not favoritism or hypocrisy.

What kind of wisdom do you want to have? Earthly wisdom is temporary, but with God’s wisdom, you can make an eternal difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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