Dodgeball is Making a Comeback

Posted by Sharon

As you know Seth, Kathleen and Wayne have been our interns throughout this off season.  They don’t stay at camp 24/7 despite what some of you may think.  They like to get out in the community and participate in random events.  One thing we were apart of this Spring is the Black Mountain Dodgeball League.  We played 1 day a week for 6 weeks and played against other teams made up of Black Mountain citizens.  It was so much fun to get out and feel like we were kids again!  We ended the season with a tournament in which we took some video clips.  Take a look!

We actually never won a game which became a running joke, but it was such a fun season!  We’ll get ’em in the fall!

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17 thoughts on “Dodgeball is Making a Comeback”

  1. Doge ball can be a lot of fun, but also really dangerous! I was at a summer camp when I was 13 and the camp was playing doge ball. The rule was that if you were out, you were to sit down near the back wall. Well I was out and was sitting on the floor minding my own business and then I suddenly saw a flash of yellow coming at my face! It was too late to doge so I got smack in the face with a doge ball. It hit me so hard that it knocked me down! My face swelled up and I had the most horrible headaches ever. I had to spend the rest of the day in the nurse office. That was the last time I played doge ball and it was probably the last time I will
    EVER play it again! 🙂 You wouldn’t think that those soft doge balls could hurt so much!

  2. i really love dodge ball! its so fun! i am like a pro at it. we played dodge ball one time i was left on one team and a teenager was on the other side. she through the ball at my feet… and smack i feel down. but i still live to tell that story (:

  3. Haha great stories about Dodgeball! I definitely was the last one in a few times and it wasn’t too fun. They got me out pretty easily.

  4. Wow dodgeball is so much fun. I haven’t gotten to play it in a while though. I can’t wait to go back to camp and see all my friends.

  5. Oh my goodness camp is almost here!!! I can not wait to see everyone. Seeing friends making new ones. It’s amazing!!!

  6. aww man tilley….im going 2a!! 🙁 tell sheridan i say hi!! and brooke van wyk if u c her!

  7. youjust do this : ( without spaces for a frown, and this : ) without spaces for a smile!! :p!!

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