Real Love Costs

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relaxing on the middle greenTHINK ABOUT A TIME when God changed your life. Maybe it was the moment you accepted Jesus. Maybe it was an experience from Camp this past summer. Or maybe it was something that someone did for you or said that opened your eyes to the truth.

Read Mark 15:33-39. Would you have responded like the soldier in verse 39?

What events surrounded Jesus’ death?

Were these natural occurrences?

Reread verse 39. What was the centurion’s reaction to the events that took place that day?

When did you first say to yourself, “This Man really was God’s Son!”?

How did that realization change your life? Or perhaps you still haven’t had that realization.

What do these verses teach you about Jesus’ love for you?

What does this passage teach you about your access to God?

The importance of Jesus’ death didn’t escape the centurion’s notice. He had watched Jesus die, and His death convinced him that Jesus was the Christ. The centurion suddenly knew that Jesus wasn’t just a common criminal; He was the very Son of God.

Jesus died to free us from sin. He followed the Father’s will to the cross. He broke the barrier of sin and made a way for us to have a relationship with God. That’s what the torn curtain in the temple represents. If you’re a Christian, you’ve recognized that Jesus fixed our Sin problem and you have decided to follow him. And you have a story the world needs to hear!

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