Night of Chaos

Posted by Sharon

This past Monday night’s campwide activity was Night of Chaos.  The campers and staff ran around trying to complete different tasks such as giving their counselor a hairdo with shaving cream, dumping a bucket of water on someone, feeding birthday cake to a cabin mate, transferring cotton balls from one bucket to another using only your nose and Vaseline, and much more.  It’s such a great activity and the campers and staff love it!  Here’s our first Vlog of 2010:

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18 thoughts on “Night of Chaos”

  1. that looks like so much fun!! i can’t wait for camp… only 2 more tuesdays till chicken tender tuesday! i hope i get to do night of chaos while im at camp(: and i’m so glad that you finally added another post, its been over a month since the last one. but i guess you guys must be really busy with camp and thats why. im so excited!

  2. that looks so fun!!!! I cant wait im getting packed for camp and then im leaving tommorow to drive down there!!!!!!!!!! Night Chaos sounds really really really really really fun!!!

  3. Best Night Ever!!!! It was loads of fun! Now that Crestridge 1A has come and gone, its time to start the countdown for next summer!

  4. ii love chaos it was soooo much fun i did it last summer i wish my session would have it sadly it wont oh well i will still have fun.

  5. ok soo im soooooo excited for camp!!! and the night of chaos looked awesome!! cant wait to go back to crestridge!!!! only 6 days!!!!!

  6. hey catherine do you remember me we were in choir and drama together and your aunt and my mom were vd’s together! We did the play cinderlla too together!

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