He’s Alive!

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Camp Ridgecrest for BoysHAVE YOU EVER WATCHED a movie with a really bad ending? Or maybe the ending was just not enough for you; it kept you wanting more.

Fortunately for us, the story of Jesus doesn’t end with His death. He died to save us from our sins, but then He rose again, showing He has power and victory over sin and death!

Read Mark 16:1-8. Read verse 6 aloud.

Jesus had been dead for three days when a few close friends came to the tomb to anoint His body. What were the ladies’ concerns before going to the tomb?

What did the women discover once they got to the tomb?

Whom did the ladies meet at the tomb?

What was the angel’s message? What were they commanded to do?

What are you commanded to do with the message of the resurrected Savior?

The women got quite a big surprise that day at the tomb. They had all watched Jesus die. They saw Him buried. And they saw a big stone rolled in front of Jesus’ tomb. They were shocked when they found the heavy stone had been rolled away; they were even more astonished when the angel told them that Jesus was not dead, but alive. So what does Jesus being alive have to do with you personally?

When Jesus died, He took the world’s sin (including yours) as His own; however, sin did not defeat Him. He conquered sin with His death and resurrection. You can have victory over the bondage of sin only with the truth and power of Christ. The angel commanded the woman to tell others about Jesus’ resurrection because it’s a message of hope. Whom do you need to tell?

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