Don’t Just Talk

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Ridgecrest Summer CampsSHE DREAMED OF PLAYING the piano all her life. She bought the books and signed up for the lessons. For the first six months she did great. She practiced faithfully every day. But little by little, she stopped practicing. Eventually, she quit.

Think about a time when you wanted something, but eventually gave up on it. What did you learn?

Read James 1:22-25. Read verse 22 aloud.

What does James 1:22 say we do if we merely listen to the Word? Why is that important?

What analogy did James make in verses 23-24? What does that have to do with hearing God’s Word but not doing what it says?

What is the promise in verse 25?

Why is it not enough to simply know what Scripture says? Why is action so important?

The problem James was addressing was negligence. You can be negligent when you have responsibility but aren’t willing to put in the work to accomplish it.

It is equally not enough to simply say you believe in God’s laws. If you don’t actually obey them, your life says you don’t believe they’re valid. You can tell the whole world you love God, but if your life doesn’t demonstrate that love, then your words are worthless. Do you care for the widow, orphan, or neighbor down the street? This is the heart of God’s Word. Don’t just talk the talk; live your faith!

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