Help a Kid Become a Camper

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Could there be anything better to give than the chance for a child to have a life changing experience at camp? We believe that this is perhaps the best way for you to give your resources. Ridgecrest Summer Camps is committed to continuing to give away about $80,000 in scholarships each year. Currently we receive maybe half that amount in donations. We need to close that gap! Please consider giving so that we can continue to offer financial aid to campers in need.

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3 thoughts on “Help a Kid Become a Camper”

  1. hi my name is Natalie and i’m 10!!!
    My friends go to camp crestridge and if i go this year, i was wondering if i could be
    in the same cabin as them(Madison Allen & Ana kate Horton) because i’m kindove nervous???
    TANK YOU!!!

  2. Hey Natalie! I work at camp and we’d love for you to come next summer! If your parents register you, ask them to fill in the box to request Madison and Ana Kate to be in your cabin. It’s okay to be nervous. A lot of other people will be feeling and have felt the same way. They end up having an awesome time though! We do a lot of fun activities, games, and more so those nervous feeling will go away quickly. If you have other questions about camp, let me know. I hope to see you next summer Natalie!

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