Sin Is Heavy

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Think about the last time you felt like you had a weight on your shoulders. Maybe you were worried about something or someone. Maybe you knew somewhere deep inside that the way you were living was wrong. Whatever the reason, how did it feel when that weight was finally lifted? Good or bad? Why?

Read Psalm 51:1-4, concentrating on verse 2.

What was the weight on David’s shoulders?

When have you felt the weight of sin in your life?

In verse 2, David asked God to cleanse him from his sin. Why is that important?

Why can’t we get rid of our sin on our own?

What sin in your life are you trying to manage rather than confess?

What steps will you take today to let go of that sin and let God lift your burden?

David was weighed down by the burden of his sin. Try as he might, David had discovered he couldn’t manage his sin. He couldn’t control it; he couldn’t get rid of it; he couldn’t fix the broken relationship with God. Broken, he came to God and confessed his sin.

When we do that, God doesn’t just restore His relationship with us; He also forgives us and lifts the burden of our sin, freeing us from it. Sin traps us and weighs us down, but we don’t have to stay that way. Confess your sin today and let God lift the weight of it off your shoulders.

Wash away my guilt and cleanse me from my sin. —Psalm 51:2

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