For Such a Time

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Think about that person in your life who stands with you through everything. Maybe it’s your best friend, a teacher, your student minister, your camp counselor, or your mom or dad. Maybe you have more than one person who fills that role. How does it feel to have these people with you through the midst of life’s storms? Take a moment to imagine how difficult it would be to weather a storm of life without those people in your life.

Read 2 Samuel 15:19-22. Don’t miss verse 21.

What was happening in these verses?

Who was Ittai?

Had he been with King David for long? Explain. (Notice verse 20.)

What did David tell him?

What was Ittai’s response to the king?

How do you think David felt when he realized he had such a loyal subject during that tough time?

What do these verses teach you about how God uses people in our lives to comfort us through times of despair?

Who is a person in your life whom you know God has placed there just for you? Take a moment and thank God for him or her.

Ittai was a foreigner, yet his devotion to David was obvious. Imagine how encouraging and comforting Ittai’s words must have been to David. When everything was going wrong, David had a friend who was willing to stand beside him through it all. Know this: God is always with you, but often, He puts other people in our lives to help carry the burdens of tough times. Look for and embrace the people He has placed in your life for tough times.

But in response, Ittai vowed to the king, “As the Lord lives and as my lord the king lives, wherever my lord the king is, whether it means life or death, your servant will be there!” —2 Samuel 15:21

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