Your Response Says Something About God

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After George Muller had watched God miraculously provide specific buildings to use as an orphanage, he received a letter from a neighbor listing several complaints against the orphanage. George was confused. Should he ignore the letter? Should he apologize? Should he remind the man of the amazing ways God had provided these very buildings? He did not know what to do. How do you respond when someone complains about you?

Read 1 Peter 3:16-17. Focus on verse 16.

Some people think that if they’re going to be unjustly accused, they might as well do the deed they’re being accused of, so they can at least enjoy the wrong for which they’re being punished. What do you think?

What do these verses say about that philosophy?

According to these verses, what are we to do with gentleness and respect?

What are the alternatives to defending your faith with gentleness and respect?

What accusations might come against a Christian who defends the faith?

What do you think it takes to keep your conscience clear? Explain.

What is one thing that tends to keep you from having a clear conscience?

If someone were making an accusation against you, what would he or she say? Why?

What is your attitude toward people who complain about you?

After George Muller received his complaint letter, he realized his neighbor’s complaints were justified, and he actually moved the orphanage to another location. He understood that the way we respond to the complaints of others represents Christ to them. Who has complaints against you today? Are they valid? Prayerfully consider how you should respond when others complain, argue, or pick fights with you.

However, do this with gentleness and respect, keeping your conscience clear, so that when you are accused, those who denounce your Christian life will be put to shame. —1 Peter 3:16

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