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The sunrise this morning took my breath away. Along the horizon there were a few clouds, metallic pink on the backdrop of a pink and yellow sky. A nice cold morning here at camp! The breeze was invigorating. I felt so alive. I knew God was with me.

Read Romans 6:8-11. Notice verse 8.

When do you feel most alive? In nature? With friends? At a worship service?

Are you aware in those moments that God is with you? Why or why not?

Do you think God gives us those moments to remind us of the truth that He is always with us, even when we do not feel Him?

How do you feel knowing God is always with you, living with you?

What does it really mean to live with God?

Are you aware that Christ is with you at school? At the movies? Everywhere? Explain.

How is it that we still are tempted to sin even though we died to sin?

Today’s verse tells us that because we died with Christ to sin He now lives with us. When you live with someone, they know all the very best and the very worst about you. They know what you do and don’t like. They know what buttons to push to make you instantly furious. They know what fills you with happiness.

Christ knows all about you, inside and out, and still loves you thoroughly. As today’s Scripture passage points out, while our sin is the reason for Jesus’ death, we did nothing to bring about the resurrection—yet we get to share in the fruit of it, eternal life. What a miracle! Let that truth sink in today. Live each moment for God!

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