Silly Songs….Crestridge Style!

Posted by Karah

You might be fooled and think you will be watching/listening to Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tale’s when this video starts. But alas, this is not the case. ┬áSome Cherokees from 2A 2011 would like to share with you their version of “Silly Songs with Crestridge”. ┬áThese Crestridgers give Larry a good run for his money!

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6 thoughts on “Silly Songs….Crestridge Style!”

  1. ha ha that you tube was just for me, first because one of the kids is itntpug on a sweater of MICHIGAN and that reminds me of my brother who is there! secondly Ga Ga pit there is a bus service in Uganda called Ga Ga which means a bird called a Raven in one of the local languages here in Uganda and finally there is a Sarah included we have a Sarah here @ Empower a child as our administrator!

  2. this is amazing way to show god how much we love him! this is one of the many things that i LOVE about camp!

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