Give Him Control

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It’s brand new. Silver! It is the hottest car in town. When you put the top down, people can see that you are the driver of the new car everyone is talking about. You drive slowly down Main Street. Your cousin waves you down. He asks to take your car for a spin. You remember all the cars he has dented the past few months. But he is your cousin. He has your best interests in mind, doesn’t he? You offer him the keys.

“Yeah right!” I hear you say as you read this. But don’t we do that all the time? Offer the keys of our heart to a driver who doesn’t have our best interests in mind?

Read Romans 6:12-14. Look again at verse 12.

What does it mean to let sin rule in your body?

How have you seen this play out in your life?

Do you think that your musical tastes or your movie or Internet habits show who reigns in your life? Why or why not?

When friends hear you talk, whom do they suppose rules your heart? Explain.

In the way you speak to your teachers and parents, is it obvious that Christ rules your heart? Why or why not?

Does Christ reign in your study and work habits? Explain.

Think of your heart as a huge parking garage. There are many cars in it, and each one represents an attitude, an activity, or some other facet of your life. Christ died for you so He can drive each one of these cars. But you may have said to Him, “You can drive this old truck but not this sports car.”

The point? If Jesus isn’t in control of every part of your life, He isn’t your King. That’s what today’s Scripture passage is about. If sin is reigning in your life, Christ isn’t in control. What areas of your life are you withholding from Jesus’ control? Give them to Him today!

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