Belle 2B 2011

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This was the largest group of girls that was tapped out during this summer. There were 19 girls tapped out this session. Grace Baker, Hannah Baker, Chandler Glover, Sarah dumont, Carianne Wright, Megan Helbing, Kelsey Lange, Millie Marshall, Mika Snead, Sarah Berlinsky, Christina Shepard, Arden Thompson, Andrea Albertson, Cari Phillips, and Erin Brown all achieved the rank of Trekker.  Hannah Forsell, Kaley Knapp, Cary Murray, and Molly Speese achieved the rank of Belle.

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11 thoughts on “Belle 2B 2011”

    1. looking through old camp videos and found this one, i cried when i realized it was your’s and kaley’s year!

  1. Every time I try to look up Belle 1A I can’t find it! I can find every other session, though!

  2. Cool! It was just posted. Caroline K, what session did you go in? There was a Caroline in my cabin.

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