2012 Clothing Items

Posted by Sharon

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the clothing for this summer, now is your chance!  Since we are going to have a larger store, we figured we would need to add more options to help fill the space. You have great options to choose from this year!  (Click on the picture to see a bigger image and hold your mouse over the picture to see the name)

Don’t forget to pre-order your clothes for the summer!  Our store will be open on Opening and Closing Days.  We’ll also open the store a few times throughout the session.  We’ll also have a nice, new store in the Beehive!  Pictures of the progress can be seen on our Facebook page!  See you soon!

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83 thoughts on “2012 Clothing Items”

  1. Love it! Are you guys gonna post prices?! And could you put labels on them?! I could tell what the shirts were, but some of the other thing were hard to tell.

  2. Hey Bethany, the prices are on the Pre-Order form and we’ll have the prices listed in the Store this summer. If you hold your mouse of the picture without clicking on it, you’ll be able to see what the item is. What item are you unsure of and I’ll be able to tell you more specifically!

  3. Everything is so cute! Will you still be selling the shirts from last year also? And what exactly is the Stache sheet?

  4. Nevermind, I know what I need now. I got on a actual computer and scrolled over it. Thx for your help!

  5. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
    Phillipians 4:11

    That is my favorite verse.

  6. Sara, We will be selling the clothes that we have left over from last summer. We can’t guarantee sizes or that we’ll have certain clothes in stock.

  7. Sara, I forgot to tell you that the Stache Sheet has several Mustaches that can stick on your face. There’s really no purpose, it’s just for fun!

  8. The shirts are cute! I wish I could get all of them, but they won’t fit me forever, and I have only been in 2 villages so far. GO CHIPPEWA AND CHICKASAW!

  9. The shirts are cute! I wish I could get all of them, but they won’t fit me forever, and I have only been in 2 villages so far. GO CHIPPEWA AND CHICKASAW!!

  10. Oh. Cool! What is your name?! You probably won’t be in my cabin, though, because this will be my second year.

  11. What do you mean?! You are in Chickasaw when you are going into 5th grade, and when you are going into 6th grade. How can it be your last and first year in Chickasaw?! I am confused.

  12. I’m going into 6th grade but I haven’t been to camp tsince I was a Chippewa which was also my last year

  13. Oh, that makes since. What is your name, that way I will know if you are in my cabin when we get to camp.

  14. Really?! I counted and got 36 days left. What sessoin are you going in?! I am going in 1A!

  15. Um, Sharon, I was wondering what the zip caps are. I have looked at the pics a bunch, but I am just confussed

  16. Hey Bethany! The Zip Caps are hats with a zippered pouch in front. If you look on our Facebook page, you’ll see a couple more pictures.

  17. YAY! So is it 17 days now, because I commented that yesterday, but maybe I was just off for yesterday and right for today. Oh, however many days, IT IS NOT THAT LONG!

  18. 16 days now. I can’t wait! I am going to comment every day and tell you peeps how many days left. Is that good with you?! Speak now or forever hold your peace…..

  19. hey everyone!!!!! i can’t wait for camp it’s goin to be awsome so much to pack!!!! ……………. till session 1B there is only 30 days which is about 1 WHOLE MONTH 🙂 i cant wait

  20. How many days till’ session 1A?! It is on June 10. I usually count, but I’m not sure if I got it right. I got 12 days, but when I do it mentally I get 14! Ooh, thinking about something as exciting as camp makes it impossible to do math, aand tto tyyppe!

  21. im an offical 8th grader but im only 12 🙂
    and 1 week till session 1a and 3 weeks till session 1b

  22. Hey Jessica! Are you going for 2 weeks or 4 weeks?! I am going for two! NOW ONLY 6 DAYS UNTIL CAMP! Can’t wait! I keep telling all of my friends that, and they are like “Why are you so excited?!” And I am like “YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO CAMP IF YOU WOULD SAY THAT! CAMP IS AMAZING!”

  23. I’m a rising 6th grader too. Bethany I hope you have a great time at camp next week, and make a bunch of new friends. Say Hi 2 the dogs 4 me

  24. how much are the crestridge nike shorts?
    and do we buy the village shirt or is it included with the over all camp price??

  25. Thanks Hope! That is so nice of you! I hope that you have a great time at camp, too! I will make sure to say hi to Hobo and OJ and trekker for you! I hope that you have a great time when you go to camp, too!

  26. Okay, I do not think I can pack anymore! I haves packed everything I can pack without my mom! Now just to the clothes part!

  27. Thanks Beth, and I know how you feel. I can’t start packing till I finish one of my work books and finish the rest of my studies so it’s driving me CRAZY

  28. I haven’t even started packing clothes yet! M Uncle’s wedding is the day before camp, so we have been busy getting ready!

  29. Yeah, I am busy! Guess what?! Tommorow I will be able to say that Tommorow I have camp! Does anyone else understand that?! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! I LOVE camp!

  30. Today is the day! Im waiting for my mom to dry her hair so. Can go! I told her that there was no reason to get all fancy. She doesnt believe me! This is our 4th year and she decides to get fancy now! Rrrrrrrr. Oh, we’ll, i think she is ready now! So excited i canbarelytyp! Got to go to camp ow!

  31. I like the way the website looks now, it is really cool! I AM SO EXCITED! I finally get to go for four weeks this year! YAYYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!

  32. Cool Beth! i’m going to 1b this year. and guess what! i was in the exact same cabin as you at camp this year with leigh and lacy

  33. Never mind, only 1b since I am probably going to give up 2a for my BFFAE who’s coming up from Venuzuela.

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