How Do You Handle Conflict

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Read Genesis 13:1-7.

In a perfect world, we’d all get along. All the beauty queens who wished for world peace would get it. But since our world is extremely broken, conflict is inevitable. What matters the most is how we handle it—in front of believers and non-believers.

We know this: all people are created differently—with different passions, gifts, personalities, and talents; therefore, disagreements are bound to take place.

As you read through Genesis 13:1-7, what did you notice about Abram and Lot?

They were family. But, even more than that, they were extremely close, having lived and traveled together for a long time. Through poverty and trouble, wanderings and miracles, they were never separated. Not until their meddlesome herdsman started causing trouble did it put a wedge between them.

Whether you’ve known someone for five minutes or your whole life, trouble is bound to show up sooner or later. The question is: will you let it come between you? Will you let conflict drive you apart? Or will you let it go and hand it over to God?

The family of God has a strong bond under the leadership of Jesus. This month, we’ll talk about what Scripture says about conflict, how you should deal with it among believers and non-believers, and what your role is as a peacemaker in Christ’s kingdom.

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