Be The Bigger Person

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“Choose your battles.” You’ve probably heard that before, right? I’ve picked some battles that were totally worth it, and I’ve picked some that have sent me down in flames.

This is what I learned: unless it affects the moral character and integrity of someone or some situation, or unless it has an impact on God’s bigger story of eternity, then it’s probably not worth going to bat for.

Can you think of a disagreement you’ve put on your boxing gloves for? How about something you chose to walk away from? Go through those scenarios again. How could you have done things differently?

Take a look Genesis 13:8-12. Focus in on verses 8-9.

Why do you think Abram took the high road and worked to resolve the conflict quickly?

Do you work to resolve conflicts quickly? Why or why not?

Whom do you identify with more—Abram or Lot?

When you’re faced with a conflict, do you ever choose to be the bigger person? Why or why not?

Are you someone who seems to incite conflict or quell it? Explain.

Plotting out land ownership wasn’t a hill Abram wanted to die on. Even though he was the one in authority, Abram took the high road.

When things get heated, it’s easy to get mixed up in the hype. But being the bigger person is more than just forfeiting and letting the other person win. Abram was able to let it go because he knew God would provide for his future and bless his faith, regardless of the outcome. Do you trust God with the outcome of your conflict? Someone has to be the bigger person in a disagreement and let it go, or it can get ugly—really ugly. Let that person be you.

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