Trusting God’s Promises

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Who is the most trustworthy person you know? Why? List a few reasons.

Probably one of your answers was that a trustworthy person keeps his or her word. She does what she says she will; he keeps his commitments. The Bible tells us that God does everything that He says He’ll do. Every promise He makes gets fulfilled. A promise from God is more than a guarantee—it’s as good as if it were already done.

 READ JEREMIAH 1:11-14. Notice that God promised disaster from the north, and soon enough, Babylon came from the north and conquered Jerusalem. God always does what He says He’ll do. Ask yourself:

When and how have you seen God fulfill His promises to you?

Do you doubt God’s ability to come through for you? Why or why not?


In what areas of your life are you not trusting God to fulfill His promises to you? Turn them over to Him in prayer today.

What specific steps will you take to actively trust God with your life and your plans this week? List two or three.


Want to know more about the things God has promised to those who love and seek Him? Read the following verses:

Isaiah 40:29-31
Jeremiah 29:11
Matthew 11:28-29
John 14:27
Romans 8:37-39
Romans 6:23
Romans 10:9
Philippians 4:19

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