Suit Up

Posted by Sharon

If you’ve ever played on a sports team, you know the importance of putting on the uniform. It helps you focus your mind on the game ahead. If you dress up for church on Sundays or have to put on business attire for work, you know that those outfits are significant, too. They reflect the propriety of the service you’re about to attend or the work you’re about to do.


God was telling Jeremiah to “get ready,” because he needed to stand tall and proclaim the truth in the face of adversity. Now, check out verse 17 in a couple of other translations or paraphrases:

“But you, dress yourself for work; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them.” —Jeremiah 1:17 (ESV)

“But you—up on your feet and get dressed for work! Stand up and say your piece. Say exactly what I tell you to say. Don’t pull your punches or I’ll pull you out of the lineup.” —Jeremiah 1:17 (The Message)


When Jeremiah was wearing God’s authority, he was like “a fortified city,” “an iron pillar” and “bronze walls” against his enemies. When you’re doing what God has called you to, don’t be afraid. Stand in His power and strength.


Focus on your calling. If you know what God is asking you to do, don’t be afraid to move forward.

Do what it takes to suit up. How can you prepare yourself to do God’s work?

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Trusting God’s Promises

Posted by Sharon

Who is the most trustworthy person you know? Why? List a few reasons.

Probably one of your answers was that a trustworthy person keeps his or her word. She does what she says she will; he keeps his commitments. The Bible tells us that God does everything that He says He’ll do. Every promise He makes gets fulfilled. A promise from God is more than a guarantee—it’s as good as if it were already done.

 READ JEREMIAH 1:11-14. Notice that God promised disaster from the north, and soon enough, Babylon came from the north and conquered Jerusalem. God always does what He says He’ll do. Ask yourself:

When and how have you seen God fulfill His promises to you?

Do you doubt God’s ability to come through for you? Why or why not?


In what areas of your life are you not trusting God to fulfill His promises to you? Turn them over to Him in prayer today.

What specific steps will you take to actively trust God with your life and your plans this week? List two or three.


Want to know more about the things God has promised to those who love and seek Him? Read the following verses:

Isaiah 40:29-31
Jeremiah 29:11
Matthew 11:28-29
John 14:27
Romans 8:37-39
Romans 6:23
Romans 10:9
Philippians 4:19

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Read the Directions

Posted by Sharon

When you open a new board game, you probably don’t sit down for a nice long browse through the directions booklet. Most of the time you skim through the instructions as quickly as possible or figure them out as you start to play. But when questions arise or you don’t know what to do next, the directions are key. They say what to do and what not to do. And in the end, you have to follow the directions in order to play the game best.

READ JEREMIAH 1:9-10 below. Write down the specific things God had appointed Jeremiah to do.

“Then the Lord reached out His hand, touched my mouth, and told me: I have now filled your mouth with My words. See, I have appointed you today over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and demolish, to build and plant.”
—Jeremiah 1:9–10


God didn’t tell Jeremiah to do everything. He was to plant, but not harvest. He was to overthrow, but not raise up. God has a specific mission for each person, and He knows how to direct each one to do different things. Your calling is individual and unique to you.


What do you feel that God is specifically asking you to do? Have you been gifted in a certain way? What are you passionate about? How can you use your passions and talents for God’s kingdom? Journal about how you think God is directing you for the future.

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Be An Example

Posted by Sharon

“Let no one despise your youth; instead, you should be an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” – The apostle Paul, 1 Timothy 4:12

Think about the things (past or present) that you’ve been told you’re too young to do. (Don’t worry! We’ve started the list for you.)



 stay home alone

Parents have many reasons for making us wait to do things, but you’re never too young to be obedient to God. Read Jeremiah 1:6-8 to learn more.

What was Jeremiah’s excuse for being afraid to go where God was going to send him?

Why does God tell Jeremiah that he shouldn’t be afraid?

When has God helped you to be obedient when you were afraid?

Do you believe that God will go with you when you follow His plans? Why or why not?

Does being young stop you from doing what God wants you to do? Why or why not?


God hasn’t made a plan for your life and left you to figure it out on your own. He has promised to be with you and to help you accomplish what He’s planned for you to do. Being young and alone are not obstacles in God’s eyes.

Take Action
Is there something you believe God has called you to do, but you’ve resisted because you felt too young or unqualified? How will you trust God with that this week?
Write Jeremiah 1:8 on a note card and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Memorize it so you can recall it when you are scared to step out in faith.

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A Plan for You

Posted by Sharon

Before you were born, your parents wondered what you would be like. After your birth, they watched you grow and figured out your likes and dislikes. As you started making friends, your personality blossomed. By now, all your relatives, teachers and neighbors have a solid grasp on who you are and who you are not.

But did you know that God knew you completely BEFORE you were born?

Read Jeremiah 1:1-5 to learn more. Focus on verse 5.

What do you think it means to be “set apart”?

Why is it important to recognize God had plans for Jeremiah before he was even born?

What are some of the plans you think God has for your life? Explain.

How does knowing that God knows you and has a unique design for your future affect the way you live your life today? Explain.

The Point

Long before your parents had even an inkling of your existence, God was drawing up the blueprints for your life. He made great plans for you—and He wants to put them into action.

Take Action
Take stock of your life. Are you trying to plan your own life or are you trusting God to show you His plans? Explain.
List three steps you’ll take this week to let God have absolute control of your life and your plans for the future.

Behind the Story

According to the opening verses of his book, Jeremiah was the son of a priest and lived in Anathoth, about three miles northeast of Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s career as a prophet began during the thirteenth year of King Josiah’s reign. Jeremiah was probably born around 650-645 B.C. during King Manasseh’s rule, meaning he was probably young and unmarried at the time God called him into prophecy. Despite being mocked, scorned, ignored, and rejected throughout his ministry, Jeremiah continued to faithfully proclaim God’s judgment on Judah and Jerusalem.

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