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• talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way
• utter something rapidly and incoherently
Before you read today’s Scripture passage, spend some time in prayer. But don’t just bow your head and pray; open your journal and write out your prayer. Don’t be shy! Just pray as you would normally.


Read Matthew 6:5-8, focusing on verse 7. Then, consider these questions:

Look back at the prayer you just wrote in your journal. Would you describe that prayer as babble? Why or why not?

Evaluate your prayer life. What do you spend the most time praying about? Do you talk continuously when you pray? Do you pray just to hear yourself talk or because it makes you look good? Are your prayers about communicating with God or simply something you do to check off your to-do list of “good” Christian duties? Explain your findings.


Take Action
Set aside 10 minutes today to devote solely to prayer. Go somewhere private where you won’t be interrupted or distracted by other people. Spend some time talking to God, expressing your needs, fears, and desires, but also take time to sit still in God’s presence and just be with Him. Focus your thoughts on Him, His holiness, and His goodness. Seek to align your will with His will.

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