Earnestly Seek Him

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Read Psalm 145:17-21 below.

In your Bible, underline all the characteristics of God you learn in this passage. Circle all the things these verses say He will do for those who truly seek Him. Put a box around David’s response to God’s actions in his life.

“The Lord is righteous in all His ways and gracious in all His acts. The Lord is near all who call out to Him, all who call out to Him with integrity. He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him; He hears their cry for help and saves them. The Lord guards all those who love Him, but He destroys all the wicked. My mouth will declare Yahweh’s praise; let every living thing praise His holy name forever and ever.”

—Psalm 145:17–21


Spend the next 10 minutes thinking, praying, and writing about these verses in your journal. Write about what these verses teach you about God, prayer, and what the motivation behind your prayers should be. End your time by journaling a prayer to God, expressing your desire to know Him more and see His will at work in your life and the world around you.



• resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction • in earnest: occurring to a greater extent or more intensely than before


• attempt to find (something)
• attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something) • ask for (something) from someone

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