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Take a few moments to sit outside or take a walk. How is God’s majesty evident in His creation? Praise Him for revealing His majesty through the world He has made.

“The Lord reigns! He is robed in majesty; The Lord is robed, enveloped in strength.”

—Psalm 93:1

Read Psalm 93 in its entirety in your Bible. Re-read verse 1, then list several synonyms for each of the following key words. For each word, circle the synonym that you think most closely resembles God.

Reigns: rules, governs, leads, controls



• What are some things you would describe as being majestic? Why? How is God’s majesty different than those things?

• “Robed in majesty” calls to mind the regal robes a king would wear after a decisive victory. It pictures grandeur, stateliness, and dignity. Knowing that, what does it mean to say God is majestic?


Meditate on the truth that God defines majesty. He is regal, stately, a King who reigns forever. As that truth sinks in, praise God that His majesty isn’t just an act He puts on, but is at the center of His being. Journal your praise.

For further study on how God is clothed in majesty, read Psalm 104:1-13.

Behind the Story

Psalm 93 is an enthronement psalm, which means that it boldly declares God to be the sovereign, majestic King over the entire earth. It is part of a group of psalms (93-100), written as worship songs, which celebrate God’s reign. It places God’s sovereignty and majesty in direct opposition to the sinful state of this world, demonstrating that, despite the depravity of humanity, God’s reign is mighty and sure.

The Point

God doesn’t just look majestic or carry Himself in a royal manner. He defines majesty. He is clothed in it, wrapped in it, and made up of it. It is who He is.

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