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Meditate on ways God is unique and set apart from us, His creation. How does His greatness and majesty set Him apart? Ask Him to prepare your heart for what He has to teach you today.

List your three best friends, then list the celebrities you think they most closely resemble. Why did you choose that particular celebrity for that friend?

We like to make comparisons, mostly because they help us to understand things better. Comparing a friend to someone else helps you explain to others what he or she is like. But while comparisons may work for people, they don’t really work when it comes to God.

Read Jeremiah 10:6-7,10, focusing on verse 6.

“Yahweh, there is no one like You. You are great; Your name is great in power.”

—Jeremiah 10:6

• According to these verses, who can you compare God to?

• There’s no one like God. What does the fact that He is incomparable have to do with His majesty? Explain.


Write your own psalm or poem, contrasting God from all other living beings. For example: Humans remember wise sayings, but God creates those sayings.

Behind the Story

Jeremiah wrote these verses in hope of motivating the Israelites to worship God. They had turned away from Him, and Jeremiah was quite certain that they would now be invaded and carted off to foreign lands where the inhabitants worshiped false gods. In preparation for this impending invasion, he highlighted the truths about God’s majesty  and greatness. If he could help the people remember that God is the One True God, perhaps they would turn to Him during their captivity, rather than running after the false gods of their future captors.

The Point

Everything in creation can be compared to something, but there is no comparison for God. He stands alone in His majesty and greatness.

Memory Verse

Write out Psalm 145:3-4 on a sturdy sheet of paper or index card. Replace key words and phrases with symbols or write them in a different color to help you remember them.


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