Retro Friday

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doc01220620140924103407 copyThe Crestridge Chapel is one of the most beloved places at camp. The high ceilings, wooden pews, and beautiful green stained glass are remembered in many worshipful moments at Crestridge. Campers have been encountering and learning about who God is, what the Gospel is, and what the Bible says for years in this very place.

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The┬áchapel was built in 1959 thanks to a $15,000 check from a “friend of Crestridge.” Can you believe that? Only $15,000! The chapel has been expanded throughout the years, and will be expanded again this year. Despite the changes to the chapel throughout the years, the God that is worshipped there and the truths that have been taught remain the same. What is your favorite moment in the chapel?

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  1. omgosh this is hard, i think my favorite memory in the chapel was during family camp with the bulls. I can’t wait for next year!!!!!!!!

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