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Focus our mind on God as your Defender and Redeemer by listening to one of your favorite worship songs this morning.

Slowly read Job 19:25-27. Everything in Job’s life was uncertain, except God. As you read, underline or circle words that reveal Job’s faith in the unchanging character of God. What does Job know?

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.”

—Job 19:25

• From all appearances, it seemed that God had truly let Job down. In Job 19:6, Job even claimed God had wronged him. How, then, can God also be Job’s Redeemer?

• Part of the definition of redeemer is someone who acts on behalf of those in need or pleads their case. In this sense, how is God our Redeemer?

• Even in his affliction, Job was sure of God and his power to redeem Job and the situation—that God was able to do what he could not. Does that describe you? Why or why not?


• You may be in the middle of a situation in which you feel like God has abandoned you. In these situations, it’s easy to confuse your feelings with what you know is true about God ‘s character. Look at verse 25 and remind yourself of the truth Job proclaimed about God even when he felt abandoned. Below, write your own statement of what you know about God’s character—and will trust rather than your own feelings.

• For further study, read Proverbs 23:10-11 which describes God’s work of justice as a Redeemer.

Memory Verse

Memorize Job 19:25. Read it aloud to yourself several times.

Behind the Story

Job’s story is presented in the Bible as a kind of test case for faith. Will Job’s faith endure if God allows Satan to take away all that is precious, including his wealth, his children, and his health? Job even lost his reputation, as his dear friends insisted that his predicament had to have been the result of some hidden sin. This is why Job claimed God as His “Redeemer.” The original word in the Hebrew often meant a “lawyer”, someone who would defend the defenseless. Job believed that one day God would defend him against the baseless charges of his accusers.

The Point

God is our Advocate, the one who defends His people and will make all things right. We can depend on Him even in times of great affliction.

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