Retro Friday

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Most of us know Crestridge was founded in 1955, but did you know that during that first year there were only 122 total campers and 27 staff for the whole summer? Back then there were two 5-week sessions. The first session had 59 campers and the second session had 63. Below is a picture of the first session of campers ever at Crestridge.Crestridge first year

Also, there were no villages. There was a junior hill (now Chippewa/Chickasaw hill) and a senior hill (now Cheyenne/Choctaw hill) – 16 cabins total. Johnnie Armstrong said, “The first summer was an exciting time and we worked exceedingly hard to get it all started. The primary focus was the same as now – for each camper to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Camp has definitely changed and grown since that first year, but, as Johnnie said, the heart of the mission has remained the same – to make God’s glory and grace known to every camper that comes through our gates.

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