Retro Friday

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Several Retro Friday posts ago, we learned that there used to be a skill at Crestridge called “Lessons in Loveliness”. Can anyone guess what other skills used to take place at camp? Any guesses?

Did anyone guess that in the early 70s we had Go-Karts for a skill? Well it’s true! For a few years, we didn’t have a horseback program so it was replaced by Go-Karting. It took place in the horseback ring too. Eventually, the Go-Kart days ended and we brought back the horses. Although, Go-Karts might have been fun, it would be hard to imagine Crestridge without the beloved horses!

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3 thoughts on “Retro Friday”

  1. OK FIRST I HAVE TO SAY your udating camp i am sure you can find a place for that skill (Please Guys Come On Please
    🙂 :-):-) 🙂

  2. hey, it sounds pretty awesome. Id take it… but if it was ever brought back, it should be for the older tribes…

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