A New Hope

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Think about a situation that seemed hopeless (and maybe still does). Praise God that all hope rests in Him. Rest in that hope as you begin today’s devotion.

Remember when it seemed like Frodo wouldn’t get the ring to Mordor? Remember when the White Witch killed Aslan and it seemed all hope was lost for Narnia?

Today, we come to a point in God’s story where it feels like all hope is lost. God’s perfect creation was shattered. Adam and Eve had been banished from the garden. Abel was dead, and Cain and his lineage of sin had spiraled out of control, wanderers with no respect for God. God had promised redemption would come from the woman’s offspring, and that seemed impossible. Or was it?

Read Genesis 4:25-26 in your Bible. Ponder these questions:

How did Seth’s birth bring renewed hope to Eve? Explain.

Now, read Luke 3:23-38. Pay close attention to verse 38.

In light of this lineage, how did Seth’s birth bring renewed hope to the entire world? Explain.

When have you or someone you know experienced something that you thought not even God could redeem? How has God shown you otherwise?

Why is it good news that God’s plan of redemption cannot be thwarted?

The Point

God’s redemptive plan isn’t limited by the sinful failures of humanity.


Think about those situations in your life that feel hopeless or impossible. Place your hope in God and His plan to make all things new. Journal your prayer.

Maybe you’re not a Christian and think your life is too messed up for God to redeem. You aren’t hopeless. Place your faith in Jesus for salvation today. See “The Gospel” on page 2 for more information.

Spend some time in prayer, asking God for the faith to trust His plan, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Behind the Story

The name Seth sounds like the Hebrew word for granted and the two are probably related. In Genesis 4:25, Eve attributed Seth’s birth to God’s mercy. God had granted her another son in place of the righteous Abel. Through Seth, God would fulfill His promise that Eve would be “the mother of all the living” (Gen. 3:20).

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  1. Ok i will admit it i must be the most weird camper blowing on everything but i love these verses and stories please keep posting 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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