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Ponder the definition of authority. Before beginning your quiet time, acknowledge Jesus as the sole authority over your life.

Authority n.= The right to give orders and make decisions; power to influence others, especially because of recognized knowledge about something.

Knowing the definition of authority, what kinds of things were you an authority about at 12? What could you talk about with absolute authority? List a few ideas.

At 12, most of us aren’t authorities on much. The same can’t be said of Jesus. Read Luke 2:41-47 in your Bible.

“And all those who heard Him were astounded at His understanding and His answers.” —Luke 2:47

It was common for rabbis to sit in the temple courts and discuss theology with interested listeners. But it was not common for children to take part in those conversations, much less amaze the crowd with their understanding. Ask yourself:

What does this event in Jesus’ earthly life teach you about His wisdom? His authority? Explain.

Why would Jesus have had authority to speak about matters of theological importance, even as a child? Write it in your own words.

How does this event help you to further understand that Jesus was no ordinary man? Explain.


Are you astounded by Jesus’ wisdom and authority or bored and distracted? In your journal, record a prayer, asking God to give you a deep hunger for His and His ways.

Evaluate your life. Are you acknowledging Jesus as the sole authority in your life? If yes, then how?

Even as a Christian, it’s easy to try to be the authority in our own lives. Ask God to reveal any ways you are trying to wrestle control from Him. Confess these things today.

For further study, read Luke 5:21; Matthew 9:34; and Matthew 12:2,14. Why do you think the religious leaders went from being astounded by Jesus when He was a child to hating Him as an adult?

Behind the Story

This is the only incident in Scripture about Jesus’ life between the time He was a small child and His baptism by John (John 3:21-22). Jewish families made the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. At 12 years of age, this was Jesus’ last Passover before He was considered an adult.

The Point

Jesus could teach with authority because He is the Authority.

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